Surgery & Radiography

Surgical Procedures at Spearwood Vet

Spearwood Veterinary Hospital is a purpose built surgery and is equipped with all the essentials of a busy veterinary practice. We are able to perform routine surgeries such as desexing, dental, and ear cleans, as well as more involved procedures such as orthopaedic repairs and soft tissue surgery.

We use isoflurothane gas anaesthetic machines – These enable a faster anaesthetic induction and decrease the length of time it takes for patients to wake up in recovery.

All our surgical instruments are made from the highest quality stainless steel and are autoclaved in-house prior to every procedure.

Our surgical table and recovery cages are heated.

Prior to surgery your pet will receive a pre-med, this has a calming effect and settles them prior to surgery. We use pain relief in our premeds which allows us to minimise any pain or discomfort on recovery. A separate pain relief injection is also given as they wake up to ensure they will be comfortable at home overnight, and in most cases they will be given further pain relief tablets to be given over the next days whilst they continue to recover.

We frequently recommend a preanaesthetic blood test prior to surgery, this gives us a more complete view of your pets health and may pick up anything that is not detectable by physical examination alone. With our in-house Idexx blood machine we can have these results within minutes.

In most cases your pet will have an intravenous catheter placed, this allows access for the veterinarian to administer any intravenous fluids, medication and pain relief required.

If your pet requires dental surgery or just a routine scale & polish, we have an ultrasonic dental machine which enables us to provide the best possible care for your pets teeth.

Our radiography equipment is of the highest standard and with our state of the art digital processor your pets x-rays can be digitally viewed and saved onto disk.

Intravenous fluid infusion pumps allow us to administer exact fluid replacement rates for sick and injured animals. This can be very important for very small and very ill animals.

ALL animals admitted to Spearwood Veterinary Hospital for an anaesthetic get constant and continued care and as well as using the safest anaesthetics, we have a range of anaesthetic monitoring equipment including a BP monitor, capnograph and pulse oximeter. Our trained nurses are with your pet from the moment they are admitted, right through to when you come back to take them home. Your pet will have a veterinary nurse with them during their pre-surgical check, throughout the anaesthetic and as they wake up in recovery.

To learn more about our anaesthetic and surgical protocols and admission procedures please call our nurse receptionists on 9418-3400