“Furry Friends” Professional Grooming

Our spacious salon offers a complete grooming service for your furry friend.

Our team of groomers are experienced in all breeds. We understand that every owner and their pet are unique and will endeavour to cater to each individuals needs and desires. Whether it’s a simple bath and blow dry, a complete clip, a full hand scissor or a specific breed style, Furry Friends can provide a package to suit.

We always aim to make your pets grooming experience as enjoyable as possible. For some dogs however, the salon experience can sometimes cause anxiety and be stressful for both dog and owner. If this sounds like your pet, please give us a call on 9418-3400, and we can discuss some options to help reduce grooming anxiety.

As Furry Friends is part of the Spearwood Veterinary Hospital, you and your pet can benefit from not only having a team of experience groomers caring for your pet – but also a passionate and dedicated team of vets and vet nurses too. For your convenience we can schedule veterinary appointments at the time of your dogs groom, or organise worming / flea or food requirements ready for collection upon your pets completion at the salon.

All dogs coming in for grooming at Furry Friends are required to be up to date with vaccinations.

* Please note that we will not groom female dogs that are in season

Strip out / Trims for large, long-haired dogs

can take one of our groomers anywhere between 1 – 4 hours to complete, therefore the prices can vary greatly as well.

Retrievers, Huskies, Malamutes, Long Haired Shepherds, Rough Collies, Samoyed and similar can be between $88—$250. To get a more accurate quote for your large breed dog we recommend meeting with one of our groomers prior to your appointment, so they can assess coat length and condition.


A day at the grooming salon can be quite an ordeal for any dog, so it’s important to desensitise them from an early age. The grooming experience involves lots of noises, (dryers, clippers etc) and lots of handling that they may not experience at home. Your puppy will need to learn about having clippers and scissors on and around their bodies, feet and face. Even if your puppy doesn’t really need a clip – it is recommended they visit the grooming salon regularly (every 4-6 weeks) from around 16 weeks of age. This allows puppies to become accustomed to the grooming processes. If your puppy’s coat becomes overgrown and matted or if they are not presented to the salon until they are older, it is likely that their first grooming experience will be stressful. Given that your dog may require regular visits to the groomer for the rest of their life – it is vital they have a positive start.

How often should my dog visit the groomer?

Small, fluffy breeds such as Maltese terriers, shih tzus, poodles and bichon frise should visit the salon every 4-6 weeks. This does depend on the density of the coat and of course the style you prefer. Generally the longer and fancier the style the more frequent vists you require. The shorter machine clipped coats will last longer and require less maintenance. These breeds should be brushed thoroughly every 2-3 days.

West highland terriers, wire-haired fox terriers, schnauzers require vists at 8-12 week intervals. These breeds are fairly low maintenance, a thorough brush once a week is usually sufficient.

Double coated breeds such as huskies, malamutes, shepherds, rough collies, samoyeds, keeshonds and shelties should visit the salon every 8-12 weeks.

Using the correct equipment and the correct grooming technique is important and will make the job of grooming easier and more effective. Different grooming aids suit different coat types. Ask your grooming professional to recommend the correct tools for your dog.

Do’s and Don’ts

Groom your dog thoroughly at home in between visits to the salon. If you help by maintaining a healthy tangle free coat between visits, not only will your dog be grateful, but your groomer will be able to achieve almost any style you request.
Neglect your dogs coat until their next visit to the groomer. If a coat has become matted beyond brushing, there is often no choice but to clip them very short.
For small to medium dogs – groom them up on a work-bench type surface. This will save your back but also your dog will be aware that it is grooming time and be less likely to misbehave.
Bathing your dog without first grooming out the coat is one of the most common mistakes people make. If the coat is thick and has lots of undercoat requiring shedding or has small tangles – bathing will only make it worse and cause it to matt together!
Do not attempt to trim hair away from your dogs eyes yourself – this could result in an eye injury or at the very least ruin their hair-do! The groomer can remove hair, but we can not put it back! Feel free to book in for a quick face trim between visits if hair is becoming a problem around their eyes.

Grooming Gallery

See below for some before and after shots, as well as some of our regulars looking absolutely paw-fect!