Puppy Preschool

Puppy School & Training

Unfortunately puppies don’t come with an instruction manual – Our Puppy school trainers have the skills and understanding to help with any puppy problems and give you the training tools to raise a happy, healthy and well socialised puppy.

The course is run on a weekday evening and is conducted over 4 weeks. The class focuses on reward based training and your puppy will be able to participate in class activities and training exercises with you. 

To maximise your puppy’s socialisation we take limited enrolments – your puppy will increase in confidence every week, and won’t be overwhelmed by large numbers or new puppies entering the class each week. You will be given detailed handouts at the end of each class. These handouts can become a valuable resource over the first 12-18 months of your puppy’s life.

Behavioural problems are the highest listed cause for re-homing and euthanasia in dogs under 18 months of age — Your attendance at Puppy training will be helping you to understand your puppy’s behaviour and through the use of positive reinforcement only encourage those behaviours which you deem appropriate.

Puppy Classes are held at Spearwood Veterinary Hospital in a safe environment and are lots of fun for both you and your puppy.

Get a copy of our puppy preschool registration form here

All puppies need to be up to date with vaccinations to be able to attend. Please contact on 9418-3400 to book for the next available course.

Located in South Perth, we are a popular choice of puppy training for Spearwood, Hamilton, Fremantle, White Gum Valley, Samson, Hilton, Coolbellup, Coogee, Bibra Lake and surrounding suburbs.

Registration form

Get a copy of our puppy preschool registration form here

Meet some of our puppy school graduates in the gallery below

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